Incoherent Braying of a Stinky Floater

Posted: January 28, 2014 in Ward
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Incoherent Braying of a Stinky Floater


The Braying of Frâu Bored: What is so astounding in all this nonsense is that while the rest of us are up to our eyebrows in making stupid meme’s about No Kill, champing the kill shelters that abuse animals, pretending to have sanctuaries, etc. that help animals, spreading lies, defaming people and organizations that do good in the world while we do nothing and make no difference in the lives of animals. Animals are being murdered and tortured by those we support in such heartbreaking numbers, animals that are sick and dying in kill shelters that are in desperate need of care or a home, No Kill Nation Discussion spends thousands and thousands of hours pissing away their lives doing nothing but attacking and infringing upon the rights of others on silly blogs, Facebook pages, websites, and anywhere else No Kill is mentioned.

And what’s even more astounding is none of NKND’s supporters see anything wrong with this.

Or are the least bit concerned that all this time was pissed away on some childish ego-trip when so much good could have been accomplished with it.

The divide between people who actually care for animals and the people who claim to care for animals is apparantly very wide, and considering my comments all over the internet, getting wider by the minute.




The Braying of Frâu Bored:  All the horrors and attrocities in the world perpertrated against animals and we choose to fritter away our time on sandbox squabbles.

I cannot understand us people.
Is it simply that we lack a conscience?
Or are we so lacking in powers of self-assesment that we cannot see how our particiation in this nonsense demeans us?
Or do we just think so little of ourselves that it doesn’t matter.


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  1. Frau, your hypocrisy is showing again. While you bring up the subject of wasteful spending on lawsuits – money that you say could be used for more philanthropic purposes – you conveniently overlook the fact that the very organizations that you enthusiastically support (HSUS/PETA/ASPCA, et al) frequently use their wealth (or should I say their donor funded wealth) to try and silence their critics by threats of frivolous and un-winnable legal action.

    The difference between Ms. Day’s legal action against Mr. DeCarlo and say, for example, PETA’s filing of a petition to the NYS Supreme Court against the Huffington Post to identify those people who left comments on a blog about them are numerous. How about I just point out a few of them for you (she who has been educated alongside goats and knows very little about the Law or anything else for that matter)….

    First of all. Ms. Day spent her own personal money on the defamation suit against Mr. Decarlo. She did not use donor money, (unlike PETA).

    Second, Ms. Day, won her case in a court of law. Mr. DeCarlo was found GUILTY of defamation and tort interference and ordered to CEASE his defamation and remove all defamatory material from all over the internet (he has refused to do so). Currently Mr. DeCarlo is in contempt of the Court’s ruling. If you were this man’s ‘friend’ you would tell him to stop the offending behavior, but sadly, you don’t seem to care if he goes to jail.

    Now, juxtapose this to the PETA action against the Huffington Post to find out the secret “identities” of certain commenters (that they didn’t like). The first question that comes to mind is WHY, did PETA need to file expensive legal actions to find out the identity of a person they already KNOW? I mean, you and your ilk have repeatedly plastered my name, address, telephone number, employment history, etc…all over the internet for the world to see, surely you could have saved PETA a few bucks and given them the information free of charge? How about the fact that PETA’s claims of defamation were based on EDITED comments? Their crack legal team even conveniently managed to misspell the word “LEGALLY” and instead changed the word to “ILLEGALLY” therefore completely (or conveniently) changing the entire meaning of the so called “defamatory” comment….

    Or how about the fact that PETA quietly withdrew the petition just 3 months later with prejudice – meaning they cannot attempt to litigate this issue again in the future. Is that not considered impractical and wasteful usage of money that should rightfully be spent on helping to save animals from cruelty and neglect? I have not heard you once criticizing PETA for this.

    Please, do tell us how you feel when PETA spends many thousands of dollars on ill advised legal actions against people who have rightfully utilized their right to free speech vs. Ms. Day who has spent her personal money to defend herself against an ongoing smear campaign that has affected her ability to do her work and advocate for animals through No Kill Nation?

    Do you, Frau – defend one legal action and frown upon the other? Please answer and let me know.

    This will confirm once and for all that you are nothing but a lying, cyber-stalking, trolling, crazy old nutter who is obsessed with Nathan Winograd, Debi Day, No Kill advocates and killing shelter animals.

    If you cannot respond you are a hypocrite and a coward. So, I look forward to your response, Frau….

  2. BTW – my comment is based on Frau Ward’s original comments, which have been shared with me. No, dumbo’s I am NOT behind this or any other blog. I have only my 2 facebook pages that you idiots all know very well.

  3. Terry Ward says:

    If you cannot stop yapping you are a goose and a bobblehead.

  4. Did I NOT call it? I knew that Frau Ward could not respond in an intelligent manner to my legitimate question.

    Thank you Terry Ward for removing all doubt as to what you are: A stalker, a troll and a giant hypocrite.

    Now please, by all means, keep making a fool of yourself because you only make me look good in comparison.

    Not that there was ever any doubt as to who the fool is.

  5. He appears to be a nasty person.

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